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Website Accessibility Audit

UX Research / Accessibility Audit

August - December 2022

In order to create a more inclusive digital travel experience, I conducted the accessibility assessment with the official evaluation to ensure the website meets WCAG 2.1 - Level AA. The project focuses on visual impaired users’ digital experience when booking flights, and this project includes evaluation results followed by recommendations and redesigns to provide users independence and inclusivity.

*The evaluation was conducted in Oct 2022, the website might look different now


Travel, one of the most common interests on Tinder profiles, is an enjoyable and exciting thing for general people. You may easily start a conversation with a stranger and find them talking endlessly for a whole day. Can everyone has an access to start their journey?


population in the US have reported some form of a disability


population relies on assistive technology to access the web

4.4 M

internet users are using screen readers in the USA

Exploratory Research:

Among the four largest airline companies in North America, I conducted exploratory research by using automated evaluated tools to quickly find out the website that has the most severe issues. 




All the websites rely on visual expressions, so this project focuses more on users with screen readers and visually impaired users while browsing the internet. 

The project is to understand the user experience for the major goals that users desire to achieve on this website - booking tickets, so this project focuses on the booking flow and the evaluation includes the following pages:

  • Home Page

  • Product Page

  • Checkout Page


Home Page



There are 3 links with the text failed to pass the color contrast ratio. 

Product Page


Product Page.png

There is one minor color contrast issue found on this page. Except for this, many content are not readable after the text is zoom to 200%

Checkout Page


Checkout Page.png

There are two minor color contrast issue found on this page and one icon is found without proper alternative text

Next Step

Explore More and Reach Out to Real User

To improve the inclusiveness of the website experience, it is crucial to take diverse users into account. Therefore, I would like to expand the research scope to understand the user experience for users with different assistive technology, such as users with tab navigation. Moreover, I would like to connect with real users for understanding their struggles and what I can do to improve their experience. I believe this will help me create a more delightful experience beyond functionality.

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Streamline the mobile app experience for paperless enrollment

please refer to the password on my resume


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Redesign a responsive website

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