New Town

A radio app that helps people connect with the world.

New Town is an app that combines radio and social games. It provides users with the information they need to cultivate a new hobby and related challenges that motivate users to interact with people.

My Role


UX/UI designer

2 weeks

Target user


Mei has no leisure activity and her daily life now is watching TV and listening to the radio at home. She wants to participate in social activities, but she has no idea how to start it. 

defining user needs & difficulties

Mei wants to join social activities and enrich her life. However, her personality makes it difficult to start it because of being introverted and shy. It is not easy for her to initiate conversation or actively join social activities.

  • Lacking strong motivation

  • Having little information about hobbies and activities that she can join.


A radio app with hobby-related tasks and social interaction.

To motivate user to actively join activities, two psychological theories are introduced in this design. According to Dan Ariely, reduce friction and add motivations help us to behave better [1] This product combines target user's daily routine--listening to radio, profoundly lowers the barrier to start new habits. By providing information, users will gain familiarity with new activities and lower the barriers for them to try.

Additionally, proper levels of challenges and rewards motivate users to engage and perform better progressively, based on Pink's theory of motivation. [2]


01. Radio and tasks

Step 1. Select an activity to join or learn on that day

Step 2. Listen to a podcast illustrating how the activity is like and something relate

​Step 3. Receive a reward and a task related to the topic


02. explore the town and interact with others

The in-app map is based on a real map, it shows the accurate location of other players. Users have to walk to meet others and switch materials with them to accomplish tasks. It helps users build connections with other people both in the virtual and real world. In addition, the map shows facilities that hold various activities, so users will know where to have fun.

ideation 2.png


[1] Dan Ariely's speech on TED talk.

[2] Drive by Daniel H. Pink, 2011


Changing behavior or habits is never easy, especially for elderly people, and so I used gamification in this project to increase user motivation. Additionally, I focus on the distinguished color and enlarging fonts in UI to eliminate the visual difficulties that the elderly user might have while using the app. I believe it will be better to do user testing to examine if those features work for the target user. This design and topic are definitely what the world needs, I desire to spend more effort on this field in the future.

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