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UX/UI Redesign:
In-Flight Entertainment

Improve user experience to make it friendlier for every individual.


As a flight attendant, I have helped countless passengers, especially the elder, using an in-flight entertainment system. It intrigues my curiosity and desire to solve the problem. Except for observing and interviewing users, I also explore the system as a user to find out the difficulties and confusion that users have.

Here are what I found:

  • Accidentally set the language to the one he/she is not familiar with, and fail to reset it

  • Cannot find the movie or music that he/ she wants to enjoy

  • Do not know how to adjust the volume or go back to the previous stage

Journey map.png
User Journey Map when users want to watch a movie

Defining Problem

This product is unfriendly to people who lack experience because most buttons are not distinguished enough. In addition, some features are not categorized clearly or even shown repetitively in different stages.

To solve these problems, the UI and interaction need to be easily understood and straightforward. Also, the user flow needed to be more intuitive.

IFE_information achitecture.png

Information Architecture of the in-flight entertainment system


Redesign the user flow to make it understandable and straightforward by reducing steps





Further distinguishing buttons from layers to reduce confusion that users might have.



When I began ideation, I first use categories boards to clearly differentiate genres. However, it is not easy for users to overview the movies. What is worse, the buttons became parts of the boards and this increases difficulties for users to recognize or understand the functions of those buttons. I think it will be better if I decide on design guidelines before starting designing, and continually come back and check to ensure the products meet the design goals.

This project includes one photo credited to and one illustration created by freepik

Other works

New town_default.png
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