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2023 Summer

UX Intern @Santander Bank

As a member of a dynamic team, I had the privilege of engaging in a diverse range of tasks. My responsibilities spanned research, user testing, and UX design, culminating in the creation of comprehensive end-to-end experiences for products across mobile banking apps and public websites.


The projects I contributed to include:

  • Mobile Banking App user experience improvement

Identify UX issues with the paperless statement feature from user research to provide UX improvement suggestions and deliver 6 of the final designs to development.

  • Public Site communication analysis

Conducting user testing on the public site to gain first-hand user feedback ensures the communication is effective and efficient and provides actionable suggestions.


  • Information Architecture analysis on the Santander official website

Identifying and resolving the UX issues of the Information Architecture on the Santander public site by conducting user testing with 30+ users.

Highlighted project

Improving the user experience of the Paperless Statement feature in the Mobile Banking App

Tools I used

UabilityHub, Medallia, Javelin, Figma


From collaborating with a UX researcher on 4 UX research and 2 user tests with 120+ users involved, I was able to synthesize 30+ UX insights and provide 30+ actionable suggestions in my 10-week internship program.

By presenting the research findings, I then prioritized 6 of my UX design improvements and designed solutions with the stakeholders and the UX team.


From collaborating with senior designers and UX writers, I was able to iteratively design 6 improvements to the existing digital product based on the feedback I gained from the internal reviews.

6 of my UX redesigns were delivered to the development team for implementation.

Please refer to the password provided on my resume or reach out to me for the access :)

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